Smokers warned after drains ignite

01:56, Apr 07 2014

A Blenheim firefighter is warning smokers to be careful where they drop their cigarette butts after two fire callouts to drain fires in the past week.

Blenheim deputy chief fire officer Dion Partridge said firefighters were called to Arthur St twice last week when roadside drains outside the Marlborough District Library caught fire.

Both drains were filled with leaves, causing small smouldering fires, he said adding they were most likely to be caused by cigarette butts that had not been put out properly.

He warned people to make sure their butts were fully extinguished before they disposed of them.

Meanwhile, a cordon was put up in central Blenheim on Friday morning after a gas cylinder leaked in a car.

Blenheim deputy chief fire officer Dion Partridge said a woman called emergency services after the gas cylinder she had just re-filled began leaking in the boot of her car.


Firefighters erected a 20-metre cordon at the Forum in Market St.

A council truck collected the leaking cylinder and took it away to be vented, Partridge said.

A nearby shop worker was treated by St John ambulance after they felt dizzy after smelling the gas. St John Blenheim station manager Rebecca Lee said a 46-year-old woman was taken to Wairau Hospital in Blenheim.

The Marlborough Express