The day I met a royal

19:55, Apr 09 2014
Meeting the queen
David Hart (fourth from left with a lovely smile) remembers lining up to see the Queen in the 1970s.
Duchess of York (later Queen Elizabeth) outside the Town Hall in Havelock during a royal visit in 1927
Royal visit
Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip arrive at Base Woodbourne, Marlborough, in January 1954.
royal visit
Queen Elizabeth II in Blenheim January 1954.
Prince William
Prince William boards his plane at Blenheim airport after driving up from Kaikoura in 2005
Tim Struthers
Tim Struthers meet Prince Charles in the Falkland Islands in 1999 while he was there farming. Next to no security and everyone having a few drinks in the hall at Goose Green. Locals were pretty excited with the prospect of the bar tab put on by the government for the day.
meeting the royals
Alan Smith : A photo of my brother in law Rex Kirton and my sister Jan being introduced to Princess Dianna and Prince Charles in Upper Hutt 1983. My mother Daphne is standing on the next row holding my nieces hand and my late father standing behind. Three nephews are standing further along the aisle. This photo was found last week on the internet and it’s the first time anyone in the family has seen the photo.
Rod Lofthouse: I was sound on a documentary for Yorkshire Television about women officers training at Sandhurst and we filmed the Queen inspecting them at the Passing Out parade. As she went by our camera position she gave us a glance but no wave! Also filmed her dogs at Balmoral and on that occasion she looked into the back of our film van and said "One does have rather a lot of equipment, doesn't one"

Have you ever been up close to a member of the royal family?

Did you get to chat, shake their hand or wave merrily as they strolled on by?

What was it like? Do you have a photo to share?


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