Woman wanted cash up front

19:14, Apr 08 2014

A 22-year-old Blenheim woman has been sentenced to community work for dishonestly taking $100 from an online garage sale user.

In the Blenheim District Court yesterday, police prosecutor Sergeant Graham Single said Hannah-Lee Carrick was on the Facebook garage sale page on February 6 when she noticed someone made a post looking for firewood for $100.

She responded to the man, saying she would be able to get the wood but needed the money up front. He reluctantly agreed and dropped the money off, and Carrick said the wood would be delivered within the hour.

When it had not turned up a week later, he phoned the police.

Carrick told them she had intended to get the wood but the deal with the wood merchant had fallen through. She had already spent the money and couldn't get it back, she told police.

Judge Tony Zohrab and sentenced her to 40 hours' community work and ordered her to pay $100 reparation to the man who gave her the money for the wood. "If you were truly sorry for what you have done, you would have paid it [back] by now," he said to Carrick.



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