Dangerous driver sentenced

A power pole stopped a 22-year-old man from hitting two pedestrians when he lost control of his vehicle.

In the Blenheim District Court yesterday, Dion Nathan Mora, of Redwoodtown, admitted charges of dangerous driving, driving with sustained loss of traction and driving while forbidden.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Graham Single said Mora, who was forbidden to drive in 2008, was the driver of a car in Hutcheson St in Mayfield about 3pm on April 2.

He turned into Girling Ave and accelerated hard, reaching speeds of up to 80kmh in the 50kmh zone.

He attempted to make a moderate to sharp left-hand turn and lost control of the car, moving into the right-hand lane before crossing the centre line back into the correct lane.

He drove up onto the kerb, hitting some rubbish bags and crashing into a lamp post, which caused the car to stop.

Two young girls were walking along the footpath at the time and would have been hit had it not been for the post, Single said.

The single passenger in the car fled from the scene before Mora sped away, driving to his Redwoodtown home with a deflated left front tyre. The car he was driving did not have a warrant or registration.

Judge Tony Zohrab convicted Mora on the three charges after the "outrageous" piece of driving.

He sentenced him to 200 hours' community work for the dangerous driving and loss of traction charges and fined him for driving while forbidden.

"People could have been killed . . . this is so dangerous that if you drive dangerously in the future I would have thought a prison sentence would be the appropriate response," the judge said.

Mora was also disqualified from driving for 15 months on each charge.

The Marlborough Express