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23:04, Apr 10 2014

John Nelson, of Blenheim, spoke with the Duchess of Cambridge. "She talked about the All Black jersey I was wearing and said that she should get one for Prince George," Nelson said. Getting to meet the duchess and shake her hand was worth the wait since 8am, he added.

Eden Taylor, 15, from Blenheim, was one of the first to arrive at Seymour Square at 4.45am. She said the duchess thanked her for coming out so early. "She was totally worth waiting for."

Gracie Wickens, 5, from Blenheim wouldn't wear her school uniform yesterday morning. Her mum Deedee Bancroft said: "She'd told me everyone was dressing up, but when we got to school, it was just her. Her teacher said ‘um, no, we weren't dressing up today. She had me fooled."'

Sander De Wildt, 33, is from Holland and lives in Blenheim.

"Will touched my son Tamati on the head. I am never going to wash his hair again," he laughed.

Neroli Edwards of Blenheim talked with Prince William. "I just told him that George was a chip off the old block and he [William] said he was a little rascal. It was lovely to chat to him. He's everything I thought he would be. He is a nice man and isn't she [Kate] just beautiful."


Sandy Inwood, of Blenheim, met Prince William. "He put his hand out and I shook his hand and I said ‘Kia ora. Welcome.' He asked me where I lived and I said ‘In Blenheim about three blocks away. Would you like a cup of tea?' and he said ‘I thought I would get a lot of offers for that'."

Lee O'Brien, of Blenheim and her son, Chase, 3, came prepared with a step ladder. "Being short is a bit of a worry. I'm not a a die-hard fan but it's quite exciting and it's exciting for Blenheim."

Shayne Jacks, from the Anakiwa Backpackers, said he and his wife had arranged for other people to look after their work for the day so they could attend. "My wife's a staunch royalist."

Jill Kersey, and Dorothy Cookson, of Nelson put their artistry skills on show with a sign of the Windsor and Middleton coat of arms. "She recognised it immediately and thanked us for coming along. My glasses got steamed up I was so happy," Kersey said.

Gillian and Scott McLeod, of Blenheim, brought small stepladders with them, which meant they had a great view of the royal couple on the walkabout. The ladders proved popular, and Scott McLeod thought they could have made a fortune renting them out.

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