Prince Charming

19:09, Apr 10 2014
Prince William
You've still got me: Prince William charmed those he met in Blenheim

Prince William won over the people he met on his walkabout yesterday, banishing their fleeting disappointment at missing out on meeting his glamorous wife.

Initial reaction from the western end of Seymour Square could have been taken as disappointment when crowds realised the royal couple were splitting up, and they would not get the chance to talk to Catherine.

But the prince soon reassured them turning on his charm and saying "don't worry, you've still got me", before endeavouring to talk to as many people as possible along the path.

Blenheim woman Sandra Morritt said she was blown away when she spoke to him.

"He is very handsome and charming. He looks you right in the eye."

Sharon Bray, from Blenheim, said he was more handsome than his father, Prince Charles, "who is quite ‘challenged' [looking]".


Her niece, Sashia Bray, 9, said she could see why Will loved Kate so much.

"She was very pretty . . . Everyone said [William] looked bald but I thought he was handsome."

Blenheim woman Judy Etheridge thought he was "lovely".

"I said to him welcome to New Zealand and he said ‘thank you' . . . It's [royalty] on my hand, I've got to go and tell my husband now," she said.

Further down the line, Jeanette Anderson said the prince was very charming, and spoke to her as she snapped some photos.

"He was very polite, he's a gentleman. He spoke to me about the weather and whether I lived in Blenheim, he was very charming, lovely."

He remarked that all the people in Blenheim must have been at Seymour Square yesterday morning, she said.

Close by, Stephanie Ireland said the prince was very friendly and had a "good handshake".

Tracy Adams, of Blenheim, was at the square with her daughters, Briahna, 10, and Tayla Adams, 8, and their friends Shannon McLean, 12, and Charlotte McLean, 9.

The four girls had the morning off school and they no longer wanted to wash their hands after shaking hands with the prince.

"He said ‘hello, how are you?' to the girls and shook their hands, and Tayla's like ‘I'm never washing my hand again'," Tracy Adam said.

They were initially disappointed that Kate was walking on the other side of the path, but said William made a real effort to talk to everybody.

"[Kate] was so great too because we were wanting her to look our way and she turned around and gave us the biggest smile and wave," she said.

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