A 'real- life princess'

01:45, Apr 11 2014
Julie MacDonald
Dressed to impress: Julie MacDonald, Alicia Beavis, Isabella Frew, 4, Anika Russell, 4 and Trina Russell gathered at Seymour Square yesterday morning to meet and greet the royals.

Many young girls turned their dreams into reality yesterday when they got to catch a glimpse of a "real-life princess".

One young girl Madi Burrows could not wipe the smile off her face after she got to meet and talk to Kate.

Madi was dressed to meet the royals in her pink princess dress which she hoped would attract the eyes of Kate - it did.

"Basically we went to the park [Seymour Square] and we saw her and got to shake her hand."

Madi said Kate asked her if she had taken the day of school, to which she replied, "yes".

"We were all the way up the front and then I saw her and she was so pretty. I never thought she would look so pretty. "It was so worth the drive. It's a dream come true to see her."


Madi is originally from Blenheim, and now lives in Nelson.

She only found out she was allowed to come to Blenheim yesterday morning when she was woken up by her father at 6am, Madi said.

She is definitely a fan of the royals, in particular Kate, she said.

"When she comes on TV, I rush to it screaming and jumping around."

But to see her and meet her in real-life was beyond words, Madi said.

"She was wearing a dusty blue dress and her hair was done up and she had really pretty high heels on."

She couldn't wait to go home and tell her parents about her encounter with Kate, she said.

The princess dress seemed to be a theme throughout the day with two tiny tots also dressing up in their favourite, most colourful dresses.

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