Prince William is wearing my bracelet

22:47, Apr 11 2014
Prince William wearing the friendship bracelet he was given by a boy in Seymour Square

A young Blenheim boy made a new friend at Seymour Square yesterday after he gave Prince William a handmade friendship bracelet.

Young Ethan Turner, 9, couldn't believe it when Prince William stopped to talk to him during his walk about after the wreath laying ceremony.

His father Dave Turner said his son was over the moon.

"The first thing he said to me was - dad the future King of England is wearing my friendship bracelet," he said.

"William stopped and said hello and Ethan asked if he would like one of the friendship bracelets he was wearing. William asked if that meant they were now friends - I though Ethan was going to pass out with excitement when the prince put on the bracelet," he said.

Ethan and his friends make the bracelets from different colour rubber bands. They really seemed to enjoy making them, but the fact the duke put it on added greater passion to their hobby and the boys spent the afternoon yesterday designing more.

"Afterwards he wondered if he should have asked for it back to put on Trademe, but changed his mind because he preferred the thought of it being worn by royalty instead of making some pocket money," Turner said.

The family were surprised at how laid back and friendly the couple were, and they were touched by the amount of time they spent talking to everyone.

"This made my son's week - actually probably his year. We'll be talking about it for ages," he said.


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