Knights at the ready

22:05, Apr 11 2014
Letticia Wilson
Prince's knights: Blenheim mum Letticia Wilson with sons Reuben, 5, and Henry, 2, patiently waiting to meet Prince William at Seymour Square.

Two bubbly little Blenheim boys couldn't wait to meet Prince William when he visited Blenheim on Thursday.

Letticia Wilson took her children Reuben, 5, and Henry, 2, to Seymour Square dressed in red knight costumes, with crowns and armed with swords. They made the costumes at home a week earlier, she says. And unlike many in the crowd it was the prince, rather than the duchess, which was the boys main focus.

"They have been looking on the internet at photos of the prince all week and they decided to come as the prince's knights. Reuben felt they [royals] might not have brought their own knights," Letticia says.

Even though they didn't manage a front row position they still got to greet Prince William.

"We put the kids up on our shoulders because we were about three people back, we said ‘hello' and he said ‘hello' back. He definitely saw them because he waved and had a big smile... the boys were yahooing with their swords."

In front of them was an Irish woman and they could hear him talking to her, with the conversation seemingly revolving around Prince George. "He sounded really nice," Letticia says.

She also got in on the fun by wearing a tiara. "I felt I needed to bring the bling. I mean how often does this happen in blenheim?"

She had met Prince Andrew in Blenheim, so she felt it was important for her boys to experience the same thing. "It something they will remember forever. It's pretty special."


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