Home D for robbing hitchhiker

23:48, Apr 15 2014

A 28-year-old man was sentenced yesterday in the Blenheim District Court to home detention after he robbed a hitch-hiker with a knife.

Thomas Tui Te Hau, of Kaikoura, picked up the hitch-hiker in Beach Rd in Kaikoura on February 23.

He began driving him north towards Blenheim but stopped the car, making an excuse about there being something wrong with the boot.

He then went to the victim's window with a kitchen knife, demanded his wallet and took $140.

The court was told that Te Hau had three previous convictions for aggravated robbery, for which he had been sentenced to imprisonment. He had since moved to Kaikoura to get away from negative influences in his life and had been making positive changes, before the incident in February.

His lawyer, Rennie Gould, told the court that the robbery had been a "blip" in Te Hau's rehabilitation and said he had shown genuine remorse


Judge Ian Mill sentenced Te Hau to 10 months' home detention as well as six months post-sentence conditions.

"This is because I believe this is a genuine case, you can turn your life around," the judge said.


The Marlborough Express