Assault, possession of LSD/cannabis

17:00, Apr 17 2014

Travis Denver Harvey, 37, appeared in the Blenheim District Court on Tuesday for sentence on two charges of assault and two of possession of drugs.

Harvey was originally to appear in court on one charge of assault with intent to injure stemming from an incident in 2011, until another incident last month. The judge said Harvey was at a "rave" on March 30 and had been drinking and was taking drugs.

A staff member at the rave asked him to leave, but Harvey responded by pushing him and punching him.

A small amount of cannabis and three LSD tablets were found on him.

Before the incident last month, Harvey had stopped drinking, had addressed his violence and was complying with his sentences, the judge said. "Here you are, you had done all this good work and all this was destroyed on one evening."

He convicted him on the charge of assault with intent to injure and sentenced him to four months' community detention, six months' supervision and 150 hours' community work.


On the charge of assault from last month, Harvey was sentenced to the same amount of community work and supervision and on the two charges of possession of cannabis and possession of LSD he was convicted and sentenced to six months' supervision.

The sentences were to be served concurrently.



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