Gas leak in Blenheim CBD

19:07, Apr 20 2014
gas leak
Danger zone: BP2Go in Blenheim was evacuated and parts of the central business district were sealed off during a gas leak.

A gas leak at the Blenheim BP2Go petrol station was small and quickly isolated, a Blenheim firefighter has said.

The Main St service station was evacuated and Main St, Redwood St and Kinross St were closed to pedestrians and traffic during the alert about 2pm on Good Friday.

Blenheim chief fire officer Rob Dalton said the area around the station had been sealed off as a precautionary measure.

"One of the connections on the LPG pump sprung a leak. The problem was isolated pretty quickly."

The gas was turned off immediately, Dalton said.

"When gas escapes and is in contact with moisture it causes a white cloud. It wasn't too bad a leak."