Finding 'time twins' worldwide

Richard Avis
Richard Avis

A London man is undertaking a quirky endeavour to travel the world to meet his "time twins" - people born on the same day as him.

Richard Avis was born on December 1, 1974, in Dumfries, Scotland, and lives in London, England.

With his 30s slipping away, Richard took up a challenge from friends to meet 40 time twins from around the world by the time he is 40 years old. He has set off on a shoestring budget and is currently in Australia.

"I am writing a book about the people I meet, exploring the similarities and differences in their lives and views, and the cultures of the places they live in," he said in an email. "The project, and the book I am writing, is also a celebration of diversity of human experience and of the countries I visit."

So far, he has found 27 time twins, including a film-maker in New York City; the mayor of an earthquake-stricken town in Italy; a Swedish lawyer and horticulturalist; an English drummer from "the United Kingdom's number one Smiths tribute band"; a Dutch female bodybuilding champion; a Norwegian Olympian; an Irish novelist; an Austrian footballer; a Croatian academic; a Slovenian cultural ambassador and a Latvian marketing executive.

Richard will be in New Zealand in May and is hoping to meet his "time twins" here. He has worked out he should have about 176 time twins in New Zealand.

"It would be great to meet a time twin from Marlborough or the surrounding region and be able to promote the area in the book I am writing," he said.

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