Ruined roof could fund smoko

01:53, Apr 23 2014
Liquid Alchemy
LEFT HANGING: Part of the roof of Nelson Hospital has been dismantled and taken down after fierce winds ripped it off during last week’s storm.

Nelson Hospital staff may not have seen the last of the massive section of copper roofing that was ripped off the hospital during last week's storm.

Eight patients from the intensive care unit had to be evacuated to the recovery ward after a 130-square-metre section of roof on the George Manson building came unstuck and ended up hanging over the side of the building.

A security cordon was set up on Waimea Rd until a crane and two trucks were brought in to remove it.

Nelson Fire Service station officer Craig Davies said it was important to take the roofing off as soon and as safely as possible.

At a board meeting yesterday, the hospital's acting chief executive, Eric Sinclair, congratulated all staff on the way they handled the dangerous situation. He said the evacuation went exactly to plan.

"We seem to have got through relatively unscathed. It was a test of the emergency plan in a real-life event, and everything came through very well."


Sinclair said he had experienced an "interesting" month while standing in for chief executive Chris Fleming.

"There certainly have been more events this month than Chris promised would happen."

Board chair Jenny Black suggested that the copper roofing could be sold, with some of the proceeds going towards an afternoon tea for the affected staff.