Man denies teen sex assaults

19:12, Apr 28 2014

A Blenheim man broke into a Picton house and sexually assaulted two teenage girls, a court has heard.

Penisimani Taakimoeaka, 26, entered the house of one of the victims through an open window in the early hours of March 31 last year and indecently assaulted the 16-year-old girls.

The unemployed man has pleaded not guilty to assault with intent to commit rape, three counts of indecent assault and one count of sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection.

During the first day of the trial at Blenheim District Court, prosecutor Jackson Webber said a drunk Taakimoeaka broke into the house about 3.30am.

Webber said the accused entered the bedroom where the girls were sleeping and carried one the victims, wrapped in her duvet, to a neighbouring bedroom. He attempted to lay her down on the bed and kissed her before touching her genitalia.

The naked victim managed to pull away from the accused and ran into the bedroom where she had been sleeping with her friend. Taakimoeaka followed, got into bed with the girls and tried to touch the girls over the top of the blanket.


One of the victim's godparents, who were staying in the house, then heard the girls' screams.

Her godfather restrained Taakimoeaka while his partner called police.

Taakimoeaka managed to get away and drove off in his car but was arrested by police at a nearby service station.

Giving evidence, one of the victims, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told the court she and her friend had been at a 16th birthday party.

They returned to the house about 1.15am and fell asleep.

She said she awoke to find Taakimoeaka kissing her.

"He was kissing and touching me. I felt his prickly moustache," she said.

Taakimoeaka was holding her and tried to lean her onto the bed, she said.

She managed to push him off and ran back to the bed she had been sleeping in with her friend.

The accused followed and got into the bed with the girls and touched them over the top of the blanket.

The victim said she "booted him" out of the bed twice and tried to scratch his face.

"I was screaming the house down (telling him to get out of the house)."

Defence lawyer Rob Harrison said the accused occasionally smoked cannabis with one of the victim's sisters.

Harrison put to the victim that she had heard knocking at the back door and in a half awake state got out of bed and answered it.

"You led him back through the house to the bedroom," Harrison said. "Once you got there you got a little bit more awake, freaked and ran into your bedroom.

"He comes across your room, you get upset, you leap out of your bed and put the light on and start yelling and screaming at him.

"As he held up his arms saying this is who he is, you attack him because you have got a real fright."

The victim said: "That is not what happened."

The trial continues.

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