Woman's actions bemuse rescuers

18:41, Apr 28 2014

Police are investigating claims that a Blenheim woman was assaulted after she was found lying face down on a footpath early Sunday morning.

A group of Blenheim friends found the 48-year-old woman lying in Scott St, Blenheim, about 2.45am on Sunday.

Blenheim woman Katrina Taylor said she was driving home from town with four friends when she spotted the woman lying on the footpath and pulled over to help.

A group of three men and a woman were "hanging around", although two of the men and the woman walked away when their car pulled up and a man, who had an accent, stayed, she said.

"We pulled over and thought ‘this is not right'," she said.

"She was face down, lying dead to the ground."


One of her friends called police while Taylor knelt beside the woman and tried to find out where she lived. She told her she would take her home, but the woman said she was already home.

"I said, ‘No you're not. You're lying on the road'."

The woman stood up and Taylor saw the blood, she said.

"There was blood all over her face and her hands, on her lower face and her nose," she said.

The woman walked across the street and used an automatic control to open a garage door, then went inside.

They tried to get inside the garage to make sure the woman was OK, but couldn't, she said. After the foreign man left, she and her friends drove away and didn't know any more until they saw the Marlborough Police Facebook page asking for help on an assault.

A police spokeswoman said the woman had injuries to her face and elbows.

She has since told police she was the victim of an assault and had also lost money.

They have established the woman had been drinking at a nearby bar and had left alone to walk home.

Police are asking anyone who was at Scott St about 2.45am on Sunday to contact Blenheim police on 03 578 5279 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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