Cats got her tongue in 10sec

Carmen Rissetto on TV3's The Paul Henry Show
Carmen Rissetto on TV3's The Paul Henry Show

Picton woman Carmen Rissetto just missed out on winning a brand-new Kia car on TV3's The Paul Henry Show on Monday night.

Reporter Jesse Peach arrived at the Jolly Roger Bar and Cafe in Waikawa Bay shortly before 9pm in search someone to play Henry's "9 in 10" game.

Rissetto thought she would give it a go, after Peach approached other people in the bar and had no luck, she said.

"I had seven minutes until lights, camera, action."

She had to name nine kinds of big cats in 10 seconds, and got halfway through before her time was up, she said.

"I got three or four out of the nine before I clammed up and went blank . . . it was a good night though."

Rissetto did not know what she would have to name until one minute before they went live, she said.

She knew what to expect though, because she had watched the last couple of shows.

"I thought I would get something to do with the region, like name nine fish."

About 50 people had piled into Jolly Roger Bar and Cafe by 9pm, Rissetto said.

"Normally we are packed up and closed by then. We told the locals and the regulars to come to the show, to have a nana nap and come back out."

Bar owner Michael Ganzevles said they got confirmation the television crew would be at the bar just five days before the show, though they were told the show could come about four weeks earlier.

He said it was great exposure for Picton and the bar. "It was all a very positive thing. It was great.

"I think they picked Jolly Rogers because it's on the waterfront and a little bit different."

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