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Last updated 10:25 18/03/2011

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This whole Ken Ring thing has got a lot of people on edge.

I'm really not sure what to think.

It was a load of tosh until I realised lots of people are taking it seriously and don't plan to go far from home on Sunday, when he has predicted a big earthquake will hit somewhere.

Even Ian Ferguson said on TV last night he has been a "Moon Man" believer for many years. He's an events organiser and Mr Ring is one of the first people he consults for good dates to use and has never had to cancel an event. Not a bad endorsement, I thought, although that's the weather, not earthquakes.

His theories are based on natural science used for centuries for things like planting crops and harvesting, all related to the moon. Apparently the alignment of the moon and a couple of planets is just right this weekend to pull the Earth out of kilter.

We haven't done a lot about Mr Ring's prediction in the Express because we don't want to add to the uncertainty or the unease. People are jittery enough after the February 22 disaster without raising their blood pressure unnecessarily.

But everyone is talking about it. All sorts of stories are going round about whole sports tournaments being cancelled because people don't want to be away from home on Sunday, through to one woman getting married in a glass house to prove the prediction is nonsense.

TV chat shows have done big pieces on it this week, including both Campbell and Sainsbury, and lots of bloggers and columnists have been going there as well.

Press journalist Vicki Anderson did a long piece yesterday about why Christchurch is grumpy and thumped on about not wanting to hear one more word about the Moon Man's predictions sending everyone scuttling from the city.

Have you noticed all the grumpiness out there? Even I – a usually amicable and up-beat bloke, you understand – have succumbed to moments of, shall we say, irritability. Perhaps it is a combination of the whole earthquake-economy-tsunami bad news and the lack of anything on the horizon to look forward to.

I have a busy weekend planned and I don't need anything major to muck it up, thanks Mr Ring. I'm doing my best to ignore the predictions.

Hopefully the best thing will be that a lot more people have got themselves prepared with emergency kits, which can sit unused for a few years yet.

I didn't do the St Patrick's Day thing yesterday, although I did buy a couple of bottles of local porter stout to have my own wee celebration in honour of my maternal grandmother, who came from County Cork. She died before I arrived in this world and all I know of her are stories about her bringing up five children during the Depression.

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So I raised a glass in honour of Katie and everyone else from the green isles.

God bless.

- The Marlborough Express


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