Hospital Services

Review brings changes

It's official: Nelson Marlborough District Health Board's clinical services review is finished.

Ruined roof could fund smoko

Liquid Alchemy

Nelson Hospital staff may not have seen the last of the massive section of copper roofing that was ripped off the hospital during last week's storm.

GPs must meet standards

GP practices who can't meet basic standards "need their head read", a Blenheim GP has said.

Hospital to get paediatrician

Marlborough is set to get a new community paediatrician.

Damaged hospital back at work

Nelson and Tasman are in recovery mode as extreme weather from Cyclone Ita hammered the region from Wednesday night until the early hours of this morning.

Conversations that count

One Tuesday morning while studying for exams, I dropped my nan while trying to lift her back to bed from the toilet.

Lab cuts hiccup

needle strap

On six occasions a lack of patient information meant GPs could not immediately contact patients with their test results.

Nurses should not have let him drive

kerry anthony

Kerry Anthony was failed by the nurses at Wairau Hospital who let him drive home, inquiry finds.

Slushy defies sugar ban

Flyers offering free slushies have heralded the first challenge to Nelson Hospital's ban on sugar.

100 health staff moving

Nearly 100 health organisation staff are moving out of Nelson to Richmond.

Mission for auto-injectors

A Blenheim mother is lobbying the health minister to press government pharmaceutical purchaser Pharmac to fund auto-injectors.

First allergy clinic for top of south

The only specialist private clinic for allergy sufferers in the top of the South Island will open today.

Life tough after medlab redundancy

Peter Webster was made redundant 40 years to the day after he started at Wairau Hospital's medical laboratory

Cuts to Medlab services in Blenheim

Cuts to medical laboratory services in Blenheim were an economic decision to ensure it remained viable

Indian op to solve weight loss woes

 Annette Taylor

A lifelong quest to lose weight has led one Nelson woman to have bariatric surgery in New Delhi.

Sufferers looking overseas


Having your teeth done, eyes lasered or hip replaced overseas is on the rise.

Pharmacy blood tests a popular option

Patients on blood-clot busting drug warfarin can avoid going to a GP for blood tests thanks to a successful pharmaceutical monitoring service in Blenheim.

Board seeks regular patient transfers

Nelson Marlborough District Health Board want a timetabled inter-hospital patient transport service.

Lift in hearing-aid subsidy welcomed

A hike in Accident Compensation Corporation contributions towards the cost of hearing aids will make the technology more accessible for people suffering injury-related hearing loss, an audiologist says.

Board posts surplus

Marlborough District Health Board's finances continue to look rosier with a $2.9 million surplus after a financially taxing 2013.

IT system links medical records

A new $1.5 million IT system to electronically link Nelson Marlborough clinical records with those of other South Island district health boards has been given the green light.

Protect against measles

The Nelson Marlborough District Health Board has urged families to get immunised against measles amid an outbreak in the North Island.

DHB to pilot new maternity, child plan

The Nelson and Marlborough District Health Board has been chosen to lead a pilot project to enhance maternity and child health services.

Wrinklies Express bus service

A successful door-to-door patient transport service between Golden Bay and Nelson Hospital could also work well in Blenheim

Nursing changes 'won't cost any jobs'

After a seven-month review process, Nelson's district nursing programme is set to change shape, but the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board says no jobs will be lost.

For a flight of fancy, try an eponym

OPINION: I like eponyms. Believe me, right now some of my colleagues are either chuckling and/or tutting.

PHO hits targets, lifts funds

Marlborough Primary Health Organisation's finances are looking rosier after hitting a string of key health targets.

Clinic open and accepting patients

Renwick Medical Centre will open today, making it the first primary health care service in the town for 11 years.

Drugged and driving

kerry anthony

Man is left brain-damaged by car crash after Wairau Hospital staff pumped him full of morphine then let him drive home.

Hospitals ban sugar

Nelson Hospital

Sugary drinks to be banned at Nelson and Wairau Hospitals to send a "clear message" about improving health.

Apology clears air over van cost

NMDHB chief executive Chris Fleming made a personal apology to Linda Barnes yesterday. Stuck at hospital

Cottage for parents given makeover

 Maureen Higgs

A cottage for parents who have sick babies staying in Nelson Hospital has been given a makeover.

Get the bus, wheelchair user told

Linda Barnes

Linda Barnes has made a complaint to the DHB after a social worker suggested she take a bus home to Blenheim

Your opinion counts - DHB

OPINION: The most successful health organisations around the world are very good at listening to patients

Stuck at hospital

Linda Barnes

A social worker at Nelson Hospital suggested a wheelchair bound Blenheim woman take a bus home

Best patient record system

Tom Morton

A new electronic system designed in-house means patient records can now circulate everywhere at once.

Whole team crucial to healthy success

"Why all the bureaucracy - all the managers? Why can't we have more people on the front line to reduce the waiting lists of both surgery and outpatients."

DHB goes to private hospitals for help

A private hospital in Marlborough will get extra elective surgery patients as public hospitals struggle to keep on top of their waiting lists.

Board's finances look healthier


After a year of tight budgeting, the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board is finally back on the right track.

Husband speaks out

 Peter and Ann Chapman

The Nelson Marlborough District Health Board this week issued an apology to Peter Chapman

Health board properties sold

Two properties in Waimea Rd, Nelson which belonged to the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board have been bought by the owner of Franklyn Village, who plans to turn one into a green space and the other into a rental home.

DHB gains with deal on supplies

Frontline health services in Marlborough will benefit from the NMDHB's moves to centralise finances and adopt combined purchasing for supplies.

Online medical portal gaining traction

Technology is changing the way Marlborough people interact with their doctors

DHB sorry for seizure

An epileptic man refused treatment at Nelson Hospital had a seizure while crossing a busy road.

Job threat from reforms unknown

Job cuts resulting from the centralisation of operational finances, purchasing and goods supply at the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board will be unknown until the reforms are rolled out.

No man is an island

OPINION: "We are judged by how we treat the least amongst us."

Scheme eases load on hospital

A social worker and two physiotherapists working on a pilot project have slotted right into Nelson Hospital's emergency department.

DHB wage bill up on top

More than 200 Nelson Marlborough District Health Board employees are earning more than $100,000 a year.

DHB failing surgery targets

Nelson Marlborough District Health Board not making its targets for elective or planned surgery.

Patient in pain protests at long wait


A Tahunanui retiree has protested outside Nelson Hospital to get the attention he feels he's been missing from the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board.

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