Quake disrupts transport

Train tracks bent and broken near Rolleston.
Train tracks bent and broken near Rolleston.

Passenger trains between Picton and Christchurch are cancelled until at least Thursday following the earthquake in Canterbury on Saturday.

InterCity Coachlines are operating as normal, though buses will arrive and depart from the Christchurch Town Hall.

Christchurch Airport was closed on Saturday morning, but flights from Blenheim resumed on Saturday afternoon.

Most major highways, including State Highway 1 between Christchurch and Kaikoura, were largely unscathed by the earthquake and remained open throughout the weekend.

New Zealand Transport Association Canterbury state highways operations manager Peter Connors said the Waimakariri River bridge north of Christchurch remained open, but the Chaneys Rd onramp on to SH1 was closed because of damage.

The old Waimakariri Bridge on Main North Rd is closed until further notice.

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