Rubbish halved

A Kaikoura business has halved its rubbish output using a simple recycling scheme.

New World Kaikoura, Beach Rd, has cut its number of weekly rubbish skips from two to one after encouraging staff to separate recyclable products such as plastic and paper from general waste over the last month.

The initiative was spurred on by owners Rodney and Trish Flannery, who took over the business in November last year, and duty manager Jill Hann.

Ms Hann said staff had done a fantastic job adapting to the system and their enthusiasm showed in the good results.

The store has installed smaller rubbish bins, a green waste bin and a cage to hold office paper. "It's all been linked up with the health inspectors. The green waste goes to feed pigs."

Ms Hann, who spent a long period driving rubbish trucks in Australia and at Innovative Waste before taking the job at New World, believed the store could cut down its rubbish even further.

Trish Flannery said she and her husband were supportive of making their New World more environmentally-friendly. Most of the food waste will be turned into compost.

Kaikoura Star