Criticism batters chippies

01:01, May 02 2012
Not all bad: Coopers Catch manager Dan Wealleans says many takeaway shops in Kaikoura don't deserve a bad rap

Chip shop owners in Kaikoura have been left feeling battered by last week's front page article in the Star in which Christchurch man Peter Frew slammed the town for its poor customer service and bad food.

While Mr Frew aired his concerns with a view to reminding business owners of the importance of quality and friendly service, some have expressed concern that this could have a knock-on effect on successful businesses in town.

Dan Wealleans, of Coopers Catch in West End is one of those concerned.

He said while he understood Mr Frew had a genuinely bad experience, there were also many good fish and chip outlets in Kaikoura and he did not want them all to be tarred with the same brush.

Coopers Catch fish and chip shop is popular with locals and has plenty of its followers on Facebook.

It was highly commended in last year's Best Chip Shop Competition for the Nelson to Christchurch region, a contest which involves mystery diners and laboratory testing, awarding points for all aspects of the business, from customer service, cleanliness and taste, to oil content in the food.


And a little under a year ago tour company Kiwi Experience voted Kaikoura the best town in New Zealand to eat fish and chips.

So the message – it's not all bad.

While there may be room for improvement here and there and lessons could be learned from Mr Frew's experience, please don't give up on Kaikoura's fish and chips just yet.

Kaikoura Star