Local's dogs do well

01:12, May 02 2012

The level of competition and entries were once again high at the Kaikoura Collie Dog Club's annual dog trials on Friday and Saturday.

The trials were held at Mt Furneaux in Inland Rd with competitors travelling from Canterbury to Collingwood.

The change to drysdale sheep on the short head and yard has worked well with 49 successful pens from 89 runs.

Local competitor Guy Redfern had a successful day with placings in all four events with four dogs, while Tina Nimmo, Paula Walker and Nicky Mathews were among the placegetters.


Long Head (Judge Richard Orr): Open – Guy Redfern, Kane, 97; Bryce Stevenson, Zoom, 96.5; Dave McPherson, Boy, 96; Kerry Pauling, Q, 95.75; Eion Herbert, Storm, 95.5. Intermediate – Paul Kemp, Spring, 91.5; Lindsay Wink, Finn, 91; Jo McPherson, Georgie, 89.5. Maiden – Guy Redfern, Mick, 86; Sean Dobbs, Kip, 85; Nicky Mathews, Jill, 83. District Open – Guy Redfern, Kane, 97; Alastair Campbell, Patch, 87; Guy Redfern, Mick, 86. District Maiden – Guy Redfern, Mick, 86; Sean Dobbs, Kip, 85; Nicky Mathews, Jill, 83.


Short Head and Yard (Judge Bruce Calder): Open – Stuart McLean, Pat, 97.5; Garry Woods, Trump, 96.5; Alistair Dickson, Lad, 96.25; Dave McPherson, Boy, 96; Guy Redfern, Kane, 95. Intermediate – Stuart McLean, Pat, 97.5; Lindsay Wink, Finn, 94; Fergus McLean, Nick, 93.5. Maiden – Stuart McLean, Pat, 97.5; Paul Kemp, Star, 90.5; Guy Redfern, Mick, 87. District Open – Guy Redfern, Kane, 95; Alastair Campbell, Fly, 91.5; David Harris, Thyme, 89. District Maiden – Guy Redfern, Mick, 87; Nicky Mathews, Jill, 85.5; David Harris, Sally, 84.5.

Zig Zag Hunt (Judge Ted Phipps): Open – Dave McPherson, Hobb, 99; Andrew Harman, Claude, 98.5; Mick Gray, Bloke, 97.5; Nicky Thompson, Base, 97; Guy Redfern, Happy, 96.5. Intermediate – Guy Redfern, Happy, 96.5; Henry Sheild, Pound, 96; Guy Redfern, Monkey, 95.5. Maiden – Guy Redfern, Monkey, 95.5; Sharon Chart, Plug, 95; Gavin Feary, George, 94.5. District Open – Mick Gray, Bloke, 97.5; Guy Redfern, Happy, 96.5; Guy Redfern, Monkey, 95.5. District Maiden – Guy Redfern, Monkey, 95.5, Sharon Chart, Plug, 95, Paula Walker, Mo, 90.

Straight Hunt (Judge Jim Burrows): Open – Mike Forsyth, Chance, 97; Guy Redfern, Monkey, 96; Fraser Taylor, Jade, 95.5; Nicky Thompson, Base, 95; Lloyd Smith, Ernie, 94.75. Intermediate – Guy Redfern, Monkey, 96; John Macer, Pete, 94.5; Nicky Mathews, Chief, 94.25. Maiden – Guy Redfern, Monkey, 96; Logan MacKay, Sunny, 91.5; Terry Ashley, Pearl, 90. District Open – Guy Redfern, Monkey, 96; Nicky Mathews, Chief, 94.25; Mick Gray, Bloke, 93. District Maiden – Guy Redfern, Monkey, 96; Tina Nimmo, Lake, 84; Paula Walker, Mo, 80.

Next on the dog trial calendar are the North Islands starting on Monday at Kaikohe, Northland, and then on to the national and South Island contests starting on Monday, May 28 at Wanaka.

Kaikoura Star