Egg-throwing is no joke

21:32, May 15 2012

Hi Kaikoura,

We have been pretty flat out this week.

Saturday night kept me busy, chasing a few young fullas around up on the Peninsula.

They thought it would be a great idea to throw eggs at neighbouring properties.

They all were spoken to and taken home.

With any luck they have learned the error of their ways.


There was a fight outside the Strawberry Tree later on that evening between two males.

One of the males was knocked to the ground.

He was taken to hospital but luckily didn't suffer any serious injuries.

In the early hours of Monday there was a collision involving two vehicles just north of Kekerengu.

It appears as though one of the vehicles crossed the centre line and the vehicles collided head-on.

One patient had to be cut from the vehicle by the fire crew and was taken to Christchurch by helicopter.

The other driver was very lucky and only sustained minor injuries.

Both parties were very fortunate to walk away from the accident.

Enquiries are still ongoing to determine what factors caused the collision.

There was another burglary this week, which is a concern, this time of a residential address.

An investigation is ongoing. However, if you have any information I would be very keen to hear from anyone who might be able to assist.

That's all for this week.

Tony Willetts

Kaikoura Star