Busy week for police

It was a busy week, especially with all the extra people in town during the weekend.

There was a motorcycle crash in the Hundalees on Saturday morning. There were no injuries. It appears diesel on the road was a factor.

During Saturday night we were called to help a male who received a nasty cut to his arm. He severed an artery and had to be taken to Wellington Hospital by helicopter.

There was another single car crash on Sunday afternoon at Halfmoon Bay. The car lost control, went off the road and landed in the water. Both driver and passenger swam to the shore, where they were helped by members of the public. Alcohol was not a factor.

A stolen van was found on Monday. It had been stolen from Christchurch and left abandoned about 25 kilometres north of town in a rest area. Inquiries are continuing to locate the offenders.

Two people were also charged with drink-driving and will be appearing in court next month.

Tony Willetts

Kaikoura Star