Squash results

Only one match took place at the Kaikoura Squash Club last week, because of the weather.

On June 12 in the B Grade, Kaikoura played Amuri at home.

Results: Brad Morris beat Guy Rutherford 3-0, Geoff Edmonds beat Dan Davidson 3-0, Mel Campbell beat Andrew Norrie 3-2, Kevin Fitzgerald beat Rupert Davidson 3-1. Points: Kaikoura 7, Amuri 1.5

On June 18 Kaikoura played away against Scargill I. Wet walls produced an amusing and close match, Scargill winning.

Results: Brad Morris lost to Mike Pooley 0-3, Geoff Edmonds beat Dave Holland 3-2, Mel Campbell lost to Tom Maxwell 0-3, Kevin Fitzgerald beat Jack Foster 3-0. Points: Kaikoura 3, Scargill I 5.

On June 21 in the A Grade, Kaikoura I played Kaikoura II.

Results: Dave McKee lost to Wayne Thomas 1-3, Billy Foresman beat Allan Watts 3-0, Dylan Montgomery lost to Jordy Dunfoy 2-3, Mark Fissenden lost to Gallo Saidy 1-3. Points: Kaikoura I 3.5, Kaikoura II 5.5.

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