Stuck in Paradise making music

Stuck in paradise: Scott Bowater will be performing his new solo album at the Strawberry Tree this Saturday
Stuck in paradise: Scott Bowater will be performing his new solo album at the Strawberry Tree this Saturday

Kaikoura's very own singer-songwriter is no stranger to the studio.

He has recording equipment and space beneath his home, in which he has produced hours of music both solo and with others.

Scott Bowater is always striving to take his passion to the next level, and when he got the chance to produce his music on top-of-the-range gear with an experienced professional, he made the most of the experience.

Scott initially planned to get down about three of his songs, the ones most frequently requested, but after eight hours of hard work he had accomplished an entire album of 12 tracks.

The result, Scotty Bowater, Stuck In Paradise, is Scott's first solo album and one he is very proud of.

"It's not really the one I wanted to do but with the cost of musicians and other things it gets pretty expensive," he says.

"But it's turned out really well and it's a good start to where I want to go next."

Wanting to get the best sound for his music, Scott went to Angels Gate recording studio in Sydenham, Christchurch, run by technician Kevin Allison, who has 40 years' experience in the music and recording industry.

He also boasts a vast collection of equipment and instruments, old and new, including prized vintage Gibson and Les Paul guitars.

"You need good gear and you need to know what you are doing, especially with acoustic," says Scott.

"It was amazing to check out the gear and the studio, a room full of guitars, amps, used by people like Lenny Kravitz."

With the best equipment and technician on hand, Scott soon had his three tracks done so he just kept playing.

He brought friend and fellow musician, Josh Logan, along for the experience, and the pair had a jam and recorded more tracks.for the album.

"Josh is a phenomenal young musician, we've played together in Blenheim. It was great to have him on the album."

All 12 songs on the album were written in Kaikoura, and are a mix of acoustic blues, folk, rock and soul. The songs represent the nine years he has lived here, and the album title, Stuck In Paradise, speaks volumes.

Scott and his family have, like many, considered moving on in order to expand their horizons.

"This is the best place in the world, but it has its limitations. It's a bit restrictive.

"You get good support but it's just too small a market."

Having said that, he is grateful for the tourist market here, which means he can regularly play at the Strawberry Tree on a regular basis over summer without fear of overexposure.

"Being able to play two or three nights a week, and to the tourist market where the audience is changing every day: not many people can do that, so for that I am grateful."

And of course it could also further a career to fame and fortune, although neither is of particular interest to Scott.

But he will continue with his ultimate dream to produce music, and hopes to secure a studio for a couple of months and work with a band.

"I don't want to be a famous rock star, I just want to play, write, be respected, make the best music I can - that's what it's all about," he says.

Scott's songs on Stuck In Paradise will be familiar to many who have seen him perform at the Strawberry Tree and at events such as Fyffe House's Music on the Lawn. Copies of the CD arrived on Monday, and Scott will host the official launch at the Strawberry Tree this Saturday.

He will perform his acoustic album and will be joined by his fellow members of the band 4Shore, with whom he has released an album. After the album launch in Kaikoura, Scott has more gigs lined up.

He will perform in Timaru, at the Creek Hotel, on August 17, and in Christchurch's Dark Room the following night, along with two other southern singer-songwriters, Tessa Lyes and Shayna King.

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