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23:32, Sep 04 2012

Results for Kaikoura Golf Club from September 1 and 2, where the spring tournament was played as a Canadian Foursome.

1st Dave and Chrissie Mackie 103.6; 2nd Gina McInnes and Richard Priddle 104; 3rd Doug and Thora Lawson 105.2; 4th Jenny Davies and Ted Howard 105.4; 5th Jean and Peter Harvey 108.4; 6th Barbara and Brian Ford 109.

On Sunday, the second round of the Cholmondeley Cup was played. It was a stableford round and was subtracted from the first round net to find the winner.

1st Eric Baynton 45; 2nd Brian Ford 43; 3rd Mike Neal 42; 4th Barney Muir 39; 5th Jan Zeestraten 39; 6th Sam Leary 38; 7th Dave Mackie 38; 8th Stuart Grant 38; 9th Allan Heffer 38; 10th Dean Hamilton 37; 11th Trevor Ruawai 37; closest to the pin Ted Howard. Cholmondeley Cup winner: Eric Baynton.


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