Family step up to take care of son

A Kaikoura family has moved to Christchurch for up to 10 years to keep an eye on their son after he attacked two police officers at a party, his lawyer says.

In the Blenheim District Court on Monday, defence lawyer Mike Hardy-Jones said 20-year-old Charles James Feary's family had committed to moving for up to 10 years to look after him and make sure he was not out late drinking.

It was "refreshing" to see a family stepping in and taking responsibility as they were, Mr Hardy-Jones said.

Feary's father told Judge Ian Mill the family had moved to Christchurch at the weekend to look after their son.

Feary, a drainlayer, of Christchurch, was being sentenced after admitting assaulting police, obstruction and resisting police after he tried to stop the officers arresting a friend and then arresting him at a party in Kaikoura on September 9.

Judge Mill said Feary had grabbed one of the officers and refused to let go as they tried to remove his friend from the party. He was abusive while being held back by a bouncer.

When the officers returned, he had pushed and tried to punch the female officer, before punching the male officer multiple times and running off, he said.

The male officer suffered a swollen nose and both officers suffered bruising and scratches.

Later in the night, while still drunk, Feary told the police he had no respect for them.

Judge Mill sentenced Feary to six weeks' community detention and fined him $1100.

Mr Hardy-Jones said Feary was mortified by his actions and apologised to the officers. Feary worked long hours in his job as a drainlayer, sometimes working until midnight and going months without a day off.

He did not drink often and mostly drank in moderation, but on occasion when he had a day off he wanted a chance to enjoy himself with friends, he said.

Judge Mill said a probation report showed Feary was a hard-working young man who was not normally violent. However, he did have a conviction for drink-driving from 2010 and one for assault this year.

If he did not get his drinking sorted and offended again he could end up in jail, he said.

Kaikoura Star