Be sure to get your number up

20:58, Dec 05 2012

People are being urged to ensure they have the correct number clearly visible outside their property to assist when finding addresses.

The issue was raised at the Kaikoura District Council social services meeting on Wednesday.

Kaikoura Hospital manager Adrianne Carter said volunteers delivering meals on wheels often found it difficult to locate houses because of the lack of numbers. This was particularly difficult for volunteers who were new to town.

St John Kaikoura team manager Don Wright agreed, saying from an emergency services perspective it was crucial that houses were clearly marked. Quite a few properties had no number at all and in rural areas there were large gaps between addresses so it was important each individual number was visible.

Newspaper delivery drivers have also raised the issue in the past. An added problem which is prevalent in Kaikoura is numbering which does not follow sequence.

Why not take a few minutes to make sure you can be found in a hurry - you never know when you might need urgent assistance.


Kaikoura Star