Strong men seek more bodies

Are you looking for something to focus your life, a dose of discipline and a structured fitness regime?

If so, look no further than Kaiterau Bodybuilding Club Kaikoura, a newly-established group with a serious goal on the horizon.

Jason Timms and Heath Urquhart have been training hard since May, when they attended a three-month gym course with fitness instructor David Burt at the Kaikoura Community Gym.

The three of them went to National Amateur Bodybuilding Association (NABBA) Christchurch Classic Bodybuilding Championships in August, to have a look and ended up agreeing to compete in the event next year.

Now they are looking for more teammates to join them and put Kaikoura on the map.

"It's a really good challenge," Jason says.

"Good discipline. You've got to put the time in to get the results. It's a great goal to work towards."

He and Heath, along with others at the Kaikoura Community Gym, credit David with being the inspiration and motivation behind big change.

When Jason hit rock-bottom a couple of years ago he decided to turn his life around and started going to the gym. In that time, David has supported him 100 per cent.

"He has done wonders. It's amazing where he gets his energy from - he is so passionate, he loves it, and that just rubs off on everyone in the gym.

"It's very contagious, but a healthy contagious!"

Now Jason enjoys the focus his life has found, and the feeling he gets from releasing natural endorphins, and is determined to continue down this path.

The trio train for a couple of hours each day and are feeling confident about their chances in next year's competition.

But they would love to hear from anyone else who fancies stepping up to the challenge.

Three local women are already on board, and with plenty of different categories there is a section for everyone prepared to put in some hard work.

While there are only three categories for men: athletic, classic and masters, for women there are a number of divisions, including for short and tall ladies.

"It would be good to get as many women as we can," David says. "We want to set up a proper bodybuilding club, but not just a club of muscly freaks.

"It will be a club where people can learn about diet, nutrition and exercise.

"We can enter competitions and hopefully raise some money to go back into the club and the community."

With the aim of getting body fat down to between two and four per cent for men and six to eight per cent for women, discipline is key. Carbohydrates are completely banned for the four months leading up the the contest and it can be hard on the body.

"You've just got to treat it like a religion," David says. "It is a strict, hard-core diet."

The group is keen to rally the troops of Kaikoura.

They would love the town to get behind them, whether it be joining them in the gym or supporting with banners, cheerleading or anything else that springs to mind.

There will be a public waxing before the event to raise money, and two weeks before the competition there will be a live show in Kaikoura to showcase their achievements and boost their confidence before they go.

"We really want to get the whole town behind us," David says. "Even for Kaikoura to hold an event here down the track. And we want to get the local kids involved."

If this sounds like your idea of fun, get in touch with the club's PR manager, Coral Thomas, on 027 313 1035, or have a chat to Heath, Jason or David.

Kaikoura Star