Stop spending

20:58, Dec 05 2012

Stop spending

It's obvious the majority of our councillors, mayor and Mr Grant have painted ears only.

Our community is served well with our current library where it stands.

All this council knows is how to spend someone else's money foolishly.

Ratepayers have little to show for it; $20,000 on a cycle track would be better spent upgrading the goat tracks we have to use as rural roads.

It amazes me council didn't want to know about the shortfall for our hospital, but [there is] no hesitation to buy Cuddens and PGG buildings which virtually make no returns.


Now it's "I want, I want" - the one thing we don't want is a burden of increased rates.

[For] people out of work, [or] on set incomes, the increase is much higher than inflation.

Move the museum, as they've experienced a good dose of silt and water. You're not going to make your fortune from it.

What's wrong with our council meetings in the supper room? All amenities are there.

A lined haybarn would suffice - the bigger the building the more snouts in the trough.

Tidy the cemetery where you cut the pines. This is the resting place for the region's pioneers - they deserve peace and acknowledgment.

It's a well-visited place at Christmas and must be cleaned before then and headstones fixed.

Instead of a war on pine trees you could give the wood to the older folk during winter free of charge.

Hats off to Ngai Tahu - I believe they supply wood to the elderly for winter.

Cynthia Boyd

Kaikoura Star