Local lads lend a hand

20:58, Dec 05 2012

Hi Kaikoura.

There have been a few things happening this week. On the early hours of Saturday morning a drunk male kicked in a large shop window in town. He was located and arrested.

Unfortunately his mate decided to get involved, which complicated things. Thanks to the local lads in town who stepped up to give me a hand.

On Sunday there was a collision involving a car hitting a train up north near Rakautara. The driver of the car pulled off the highway and braked when she saw the approaching train but didn't quite manage to stop in time.

The vehicle clipped the train but only suffered minor damage and no-one was injured.

Of late quite a few people have been stopped and processed for drink driving. We are proactively policing this and there really is no excuse. We will be out in force so make use of the courtesy vans and look after your mates.

Don't forget that this week there is also a campaign targeting people using cellphones while driving. The campaign coincides with the anniversary of law change two years ago banning the use of hand-held phones in cars.

Tony Willetts


Kaikoura Star