Will a clean creek run through town?

20:58, Dec 05 2012

The Kaikoura Water Zone committee has a list of priorities, noting projects which need attention.

The committee hopes to encourage the community to get behind these projects and take ownership of water issues.

Committee chairman Derrick Millton presented the group's Zone Implementation Programme to the council last week for its endorsement.

He said priorities included cleaning up Lyell Creek, and he hoped a community group could be set up to encourage others to clean the area and prevent bad habits from polluting the waterway once it was clean.

Mr Millton described the creek as the Avon River of Kaikoura and said it deserved to be restored to an asset for the town.

Another jewel in Kaikoura's crown was the Clarence River, he said, and this too needed a holistic and collaborative approach in order to tackle the catchment's weed problem.


A committee is likely to be formed, Mr Millton said, in order to address the area as a whole, rather than rely on different agencies to do things at different times of the year.

Mr Millton hoped to get rafting companies, neighbouring landowners, Department of Conservation and Land Information New Zealand on board to discuss weed control for the river as a whole.

The third example of the water zone's focus was Lake Rotorua, which would need improvement wherever it could be done.

He said the lake was an example of a very smart ecosystem which needed a lot of work and research to be carried out.

He hoped over time that more and more people would be encouraged to go and have a look at it as it was a very special piece of Kaikoura which many were not aware of.

The committee is to meet today to begin discussing the Lyell Creek project and how to get commitment from the urban sector along the creek.

Kaikoura Star