Brave souls take the plunge

20:58, Dec 05 2012
Lions Pool
Summer’s here: From left, Tewhaaro Tawhawintata and Tyliah Tawha-Falwasser, from Christchurch, and Ruby Armstrong and Richard Harnett, from Kaikoura, enjoy a splash in the newly-opened Kaikoura Lions pool

Kaikoura was bathed in sunshine at the weekend with temperatures as high as 25 degrees, so it was a great time for bathing of a different kind.

Which is why it was good timing that the Kaikoura Lions pool opened for the season on Sunday.

Sun worshippers enjoyed lounging while the more daring ventured into the water.

Inviting as it looks, it is only around 21 degrees. Swimmers were treated to a free swim to make up for the cold water, although if the weather continues to improve the pool should warm up in no time, pool manager Peter Wallace says.

"Swimmers said that for the first 20 seconds or so it was a bit fresh, but after that it was OK," he said.

"It should go up a couple of degrees over the day.

"All we need now is a few more days of sun."

While the council and others continue to discuss options for a new pool for the town, Peter said it was important to maintain the Lions pool for the foreseeable future so that the community had a safe environment for swimming.


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