Burglar caught quickly

20:58, Dec 05 2012

Hi Kaikoura: In the early hours of Wednesday morning a young guy was arrested for burglary after entering a vehicle and shed on someone's property.

He stole frozen meat and some other property before the owners of the house heard something and went for a look. That disturbed the offender who then took off on foot.

Some great work was done by the owners of the house and before long we had the guy in handcuffs.

He appeared in Blenheim Court that day.

Just a reminder to everyone to lock your cars and houses. A small thing like flicking a lock could be the difference between becoming a victim of crime and not. There were no issues over the weekend, with everyone fairly well behaved.

Let's hope it continues as we get closer to Christmas.

That's all for this week,

Tony Willetts


Kaikoura Star