Sleeping on the job

A delivery driver who fell asleep at the wheel while working has kept his licence after an appearance in the Kaikoura District Court on Friday.

Reginald Raymond Tozer, 51, of Kaikoura, was charged with careless driving. He was on a night shift on Sunday, October 7, when at about 8.25am he fell asleep at the wheel on Archibald St, Ashburton. The van left the road and crashed into a concrete culvert.

The van he was driving was extensively damaged, however, Tozer escaped with minor injuries.

Tozer told Judge Tony Couch he had since been moved to the day shift.

Judge Couch told him this was a road safety issue - if he had pulled to the right instead of the left there could have been a more serious outcome and he could have put innocent people at risk.

Tozer was fined $500.

Jared James Breen appeared on a charge of wilful damage and threatening to kill following a week of drinking.

Breen, a 23-year-old builder, had previously undertaken alcohol counselling and he was more than willing to do so again, said defence counsel Renee Gould. He had stopped drinking and was feeling much better, she said. He was very remorseful for his actions.

On November 4, Breen met the victim in Kaikoura. He told her she would be dead by the morning, and later sent her a text threatening to burn her house down.

Later the same day, the defendant became involved in an argument with the same victim, and pulled her car stereo out. He then took her cellphone and fled the scene.

He was apprehended by police a short time later.

Breen was convicted and sentenced to 120 hours community work and nine months supervision.

Kaikoura Star