Pub punch costs beautician

21:39, Dec 18 2012

A beautician who punched a woman in the head has been convicted of assault but only after a lengthy courtroom discussion about consequences of conviction.

Stacey Brooke Annett, 22, lost her bid to have an assault charge dropped.

In the early hours of Sunday September 23, Annett and the victim were in a bar in Kaikoura. An altercation began between the two, and the victim told the defendant to "f... off" numerous times. The defendant punched the victim in the side of the head before security staff intervened and took her outside.

Annett had been ordered to try restorative justice with the victim at a previous hearing in, however this had been unsuccessful as the victim had not been willing to take part, the court heard on Friday.

Defence counsel Renee Gould said the gravity of the offence was quite low, and there had been undisputed provocation. A conviction for violence would far outweigh the offence, she argued, appealing for a discharge without conviction. However Judge Tony Couch convicted Annett and fined her $150.


Kaikoura Star