Help feed hungry families

00:40, Dec 19 2012

A recent Community Networkers meeting has highlighted the desperate need for food within the community, and New Life Church member Nicky Mayne is keen to see a plan of attack.

Nicky attended the meeting last Tuesday, and discovered that food growing at the community garden, at the Men's Shed in Scarborough St, was not being collected and was going to seed.

She helps co-ordinate food parcels through the New Life Church, so is well aware of the increased need this year. Since the meeting the church has received three urgent requests for food parcels.

"We've never seen the need so great - it's not just people on benefits struggling any more, it's people who have never needed help before," she says. "While we have been able to meet the requests this week thanks to the generosity of individuals, New Life only has a budget for around one parcel each month."

Nicky is proposing a strategy be formulated so that food can get to those who need it, and hopes to help people this Christmas and New Year and as a longer-term project.

"We know there are many keen gardeners around that from time to time have a surplus of food yet there does not seem to be any way currently that we can co-ordinate this so the surplus is able to reach those families in need."


Nicky said it was also possible that fishermen, hunters and retailers may like to come on board, as New World has done in the past with donation baskets.

Nicky has set up a Facebook page and email address as a means to begin the co-ordination, and she would love to hear from anyone who has spare food, as well as anyone with time on their hands to help with a range of tasks, from freezing to pickling, baking or assisting with teaching people how to cook on a budget.

Visit the Kaikoura Cares Facebook page, or email if you would like to support Nicky in her endeavours to ensure no family in Kaikoura goes without food this Christmas.

Kaikoura Star