Drink-drivers in court

01:25, Jan 23 2013

The following people appeared before Judge Brian Callaghan in the Kaikoura District Court on Friday on drink-driving charges:

Nicholas Andrew Beazley, 25, a driver who lives in Christchurch, admitted drink driving and will be sentenced in Christchurch on April 17.

He had an alcohol reading of 1146mg per litre of breath, almost three times the legal limit of 400mg, when he was tested on Ludstone Rd, Kaikoura, at 12.10am on December 10.

Judge Callaghan said because of the high reading and the fact that Beazley had recently appeared, a pre-sentence report would be called for, he said.

Elizabeth Jane Davis, a 23-year-old cook of Kaikoura, was fined $600 and disqualified from driving for seven months. She was stopped at a checkpoint on Killarney St on December 31, and found to be over the limit, with a reading of 621mg per litre of breath. The court heard that Davis had not had anything to eat that day and had also been drinking the previous day. Defence Rob Harrison said the loss of her licence would create quite a burden financially for Davis. She had genuinely thought she would be under the limit, he said.

However, Judge Callaghan said he found it a bit difficult to accept that someone would believe they were all right to drive with a reading of 621mg per litre of breath. The legal limit is 400mg per litre of breath.


Haley Jean Marie Baxter, 19, a tour guide of Kaikoura, was fined $275 and disqualified from driving for three months. Baxter was stopped by police at midnight on December 20 on West End and found to have a breath alcohol reading of 316mg per litre of breath. Drivers under 20 years of age are not permitted to have any alcohol in their system. Defence lawyer Rob Harrison said his client was really embarrassed and ashamed and it had been a tough lesson for her. Judge Callaghan warned that it took quite a long time for alcohol to leave the system. People often appeared in court having been found over the limit when driving the day after consuming alcohol.

Linda Poharama-Hepi, 22 , a hairdresser, was fined $700, disqualified from driving for seven months and restricted to a zero alcohol licence regime for a period after her disqualification when she appeared in court on Friday.

Poharama-Hepi was stopped on Churchill St on November 23. A subsequent blood alcohol test found she had 152mg per litre of blood. The legal limit is 80mg. When questioned by police Poharama-Hepi said she had just been trying to get home.

Defence Rob Harrison told the court it was very rare for her to have been drinking as she had a 19-month-old son. She was extremely embarrassed.

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