Manawatu pleads guilty

01:20, Jan 23 2013

A man who started fights with members of the public before threatening police has been ordered to do 100 hours' community work after his appearance in the Kaikoura District Court on Friday.

Philip Manawatu, 26, had previously entered a guilty plea on a charge of disorderly behaviour and entered another guilty plea to a charge of intimidation on Friday. The court heard Manawatu was extremely intoxicated on November 11 last year and had been starting fights with members of the public before police arrived on the scene. Manawatu became abusive towards police, and once arrested, started to bang his head on the cell wall and threaten police officers.

He was transferred to Blenheim and continued to threaten police while being transported, the courtheard.

Manawatu had been at a large family reunion and had been very intoxicated, said defence Renee Gould. She asked Judge Brian Callaghan to give him credit for the fact he had not been before the courts for the past four years. 

Judge Callaghan agreed that Manawatu had obviously done very well in turning his life around. On the disorderly behaviour charge he convicted and discharged Manawatu, and on the charge of intimidation he was ordered to carry out 100 hours' community work.


Kaikoura Star