Water zone body seeks member

23:06, Jan 29 2013

A committee which makes recommendations to the Kaikoura District Council about water issues is looking for a new member.

The Kaikoura Zone Committee needs to replace departing member Sarah Beardmore.

Since forming in July 2011, the committee has engaged with the community to come up-to-speed with water management issues in the zone.

It has developed a Zone Implementation Programme (ZIP) that provides recommendations to councils on how water should be managed.

Kaikoura Zone Committee facilitator Laura Beck said the committee was looking for people who wanted to make a positive difference to water management in the area.

"This is an exciting and busy time for the committee, as it looks at working towards implementing the recommendations made in the ZIP to meet the targets outlines in the Canterbury Water Management Strategy (CWMS).


"The ideal candidate will have experience working collaboratively, engaging with communities, and be competent at dealing with technical and often complex issues.

"They should also understand the need to balance the competing demands for water," she said.

Each of the 10 Canterbury water zone committees is charged with developing programmes in line with the principles and targets outlined in the Canterbury Water Management Strategy.

Targets are around ecosystem health/biodiversity (including water quality), drinking water, water-use efficiency, irrigated land area, recreational and amenity opportunities, natural character of braided rivers, kaitiakitanga and regional/national economy.

The Kaikoura zone implementation programme made 64 recommendations. Environment Canterbury is leading or involved in more than 50 of them.

About one-third of the recommendations relate to scientific investigations and monitoring to provide more information for planning.

The underlying philosophy of the water management strategy is that communities - through water management zone committees - are best-placed to make decisions on local water management.

The new member of the committee will need to attend monthly meetings, as well as community meetings as required.

Meetings are typically held on the last Wednesday of each month in Kaikoura.

The Kaikoura Zone Committee operates as a joint committee of Environment Canterbury and the Kaikoura District Council.

Zone committee meetings are open to the public.

Interested candidates should contact committee facilitator Laura Beck before February 15 or visit the Kaikoura page online at ecan.govt.nz/canterburywater for more information and to download an expression of interest form.

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