Dirt bike riders flock to pump and jump

The Scarborough St bike track was buzzing on Saturday afternoon with the annual pump and jump event, which is rapidly turning into a show of fantastic emerging young talent.

The dirt bike jump track was established in 2011 and barely a weekend has gone by since without the town's young bikers putting in some hard work to create jumps and berms to suit all abilities, from novice bikers to the foolhardy, or experts as they would probably prefer to be called.

Quinn Nicholls, arguably still Kaikoura's top biker, was the inspiration behind the track. He has kept the momentum going, and his peers and younger riders now flock to the site to practise and hone their skills - and give him a run for his money.

At the Saturday afternoon event, kids aged from 2 to 42 had a go on the newly-polished track. Quinn, MC on the day, said he was really stoked to see so many youngsters at the track and competing on the day - he created an under-10 grade to accommodate all the primary-aged kids who were keen to join in.

"The main aim of the event was to get some awareness of the track out to the community, and to let parents see it is safe for all ages," he said.

"A big thanks to all the grommets for getting it all ready."

With some incredible times coming out of the under-16 and senior sections, Quinn will have to keep practising if he is to stay ahead of the pack.

A total of $600 was raised which will go towards the development of the track, including continuing work on a second track with international height jumps, which are certainly not for the faint-hearted.

Quinn has also been applying for funding for a tool shed as well as some big digger time which will help create some competition jumps.


Under-10 (two laps): 1 Charlie Prince, 24.24; 2 Blake Timms, 26.75; 3 Jack Dunlea, 26.77.

Under-12 (three laps): 1 Adam Ford, 26.95; 2 Broc O'Connor, 27.97; 3 Karn Marshall, 30.83.

Under-16 (three laps, no pedalling): 1 Jem Howden, 26.33; 2 Ainsley Mackle, 26.59; 3 Kenton Simpson, 30.29.

Seniors (three laps): 1 Brayden Smith, 25.43; 2 Quinn Nicholls, 25.48; 3 Finn Simpson, 26.01.

30-plus (three laps, pedalling): 1 Dwayne Fussell, 28.62; 2 John Simpson, 32.64; 3 Peter Morrison, 34.19.

Young gun/Old dog (three laps each): 1 Brayden Smith and Broc O'Connor, 53.93; 2 Finn Simpson and John Simpson, 57.84; 3 Ainsley Mackle and Peter Morrison, 60.06.


Kaikoura Star