Buyer's new car damaged

23:29, Feb 05 2013

The Kaikoura Volunteer Fire Brigade has been kept busy with minor jobs over the past week with a number of alarm activations to attend as well as a vehicle accident on Monday and fire callout on Tuesday.

A new car being delivered to a buyer in Kaikoura didn't quite make it in the pristine condition expected after it crashed into a bank on the side of the road just north of Barney's Rock, south of Kaikoura, on Monday lunchtime.

Fire chief Ian Walker said the car had slid into the bank after coming around a corner, possibly because of damp conditions on the road.

The car was extensively damaged and both airbags deployed. The driver escaped unharmed. No other vehicle was involved.

On Tuesday about 8.30am firefighters were called to an address in Ramsgate St to deal with a potential fire situation.

The occupants of the house had left Kaikoura and were on a bus when they remembered they had left a pot on the stove.

Firefighters forced entry to the property to discover some large dogs, but no fire. There was a pot on the stove but the stove was not on, he said.


Kaikoura Star