Unconvinced by oil company stance

01:27, Feb 15 2013

While oil company Anadarko and the Government made the right move by coming to Kaikoura to meet the community on Friday, many of those at the meeting remain unconvinced about the prospect of deep sea oil drilling.

The Kaikoura Star asked people after the meeting whether it had changed their views.

Mayor Winston Gray "They now know that the concerns from our community are genuine. They are committed to adhering to whatever constraints and rules are in place and are looking for best practice. I don't feel any more confident than I originally did. This business does have risk, I would expect that NZ Petroleum are employing the best available on our behalf to minimise any potential risk."

Lynda Kitchingham: "It is very important that we put pressure on [minister of energy and resources] Simon Bridges to insist that Anadarko put up a bond to cover potential environmental damage. As we have seen by their behaviour over the Gulf of Mexico disaster they will try to wriggle out of liability unless our regulations are watertight."

Amelia Taylor "I attended the meeting knowing in the back of my mind that the permit had already been granted therefore consultation was late coming or did not happen prior to the permit being issued. In my opinion it was a selling pitch to try and justify what they are doing here in this untouched seaside village."

Shayne Kavanagh "The meeting gave me no confidence at all. The relationship between seismic testing and the effects on all our marine life needs to be thoroughly researched. They also need to look at deep sea drilling so close to faultlines. I think all businesses and individuals in Kaikoura should insist on a full marine consent so the effects are known before seismic testing even begins."


Ralph Hogan "While I was encouraged that the ministry and Anadarko came to Kaikoura, I was disheartened in their apparent lack of understanding of some very fundamental issues, especially given that they had the questions presented to them before they arrived.

"When you combine Anadarko's implication that they would only follow the regulations imposed by our government, with the lack of the ministry in committing to certain basic requirements, the meeting left a huge gap between us and them and raised even more questions.

"I look forward to their promised continued dialogue and written responses to our questions."

Kaikoura Star