Pupils' flags make it to Antarctica

01:33, Feb 15 2013
Suburban School children made Antarctica Day flags last term and they have been to Antarctica (the flags) with Nicky McArthur. The flags have now come back from their travels

The children of Suburban School helped celebrate Antarctica Day, which was on December 1, by making Antarctic-inspired flags which were taken to Antarctica to be flown on the special day.

The flags were delivered back to the children last week, who were excited to think they had been flown in Antarctica.

The flags travelled with the Gateway NZ Antarctic course to Windless Bight with Nicky McArthur of Kaikoura Wilderness Walks.

They were then were sewn into banners and flown as part of the special holiday dinner "on ice".

The local flags made up more than 600 flags from 13 countries which were flown on December 1.

The students spent a few days at the end of last term learning about Antarctica as part of their sustainability inquiry. Each flag, made on recycled paper of course, depicted the children's perceptions of Antarctica.


On December 1 1959, 12 nations signed the Antarctic Treaty.

This set aside 10 per cent of the Earth to be used exclusively for peaceful purposes, becoming the world's first nuclear-arms agreement.

Antarctica Day is now celebrated each year to recognise the landmark agreement between the 12 original nations and 35 additional nations who have accepted the treaty. It celebrates peace and international co-operation manifested through science, exploration and culture.

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