Car failure arrests burglar

A man who fled police in a stolen car appeared in the Blenheim District Court on Saturday on a number of charges following his arrest in Kaikoura on Friday.

Sergeant Julian Lewis of Kaikoura police said the 42-year-old unemployed man from Ashburton stole a car in Christchurch before dumping it in Cheviot where he committed a number of burglaries.

He then stole another car and headed north, however his driving caused a member of the public to alert police. The car was found by police south of Kaikoura at around 6.30pm, but attempts to stop the vehicle were unsuccessful.

Police then chased the car from near Peketa, south of Kaikoura, to Postman's Rd, north of Kaikoura, where the car broke down and they arrested the driver.

Sergeant Lewis said the man was taken into custody and appeared in court the next day.

Kaikoura Star