Lock up to help prevent break-ins


Hi Kaikoura:

We were kept fairly busy this week. On Tuesday night we had several vehicles and a garage entered.

Mostly small quantities of cash and other electronics were targeted.

The thefts were spread around the town and all happened between 10pm and 6 the following morning.

We are following up with a few inquiries but if you witnessed or heard anything that may have looked suspicious or have any information to assist with our investigation then please let us know.

A reminder to everyone to keep your vehicles and properties locked up.

The harder we can make it for these opportunist thieves, the better.

Prevention is the best tool we all have.

In the early hours of Friday morning a burglary occurred at one of the retail shops in West End.

A window was smashed and a large quantity of items was taken.

With some quick police work we had the offenders, both visiting from Christchurch, in our cells and almost all of the property recovered.

The weekend kept us busy with some minor alcohol-related jobs and several traffic matters but nothing too serious.

That's all for this week.

Tony Willetts

Kaikoura Star