Top surfers go for gold

Kaikoura's boardriders have come up trumps over the weekend at the Go for Gold surf comp in Greymouth.

In its 31st year, the contest is hosted by the Kahuna Boardriders Club.

The winner of the men's open division takes home an ounce of gold as a prize - which this year was won by Kaikoura surfer Levi O'Connor.

Other impressive results came from Dave Melville, who came second in the seniors, Dave Lyons, who came fourth in the seniors, Alan Te Moananui, who came second in the masters and Dave Lyons, who also came fourth in the masters.

Levi O'Connor won the longboard contest with Kaikoura's Nash Robertson in second.

Another one to note was Dave Lyons' son, 8-year-old Reuben, who was one of the youngest surfers in a SISA competition. Up against 15 and 16-year-old surfers in the cadet class, Reuben held his own to finish in fifth place.

Full results:

Greymouth Star Open: Levi O'Connor (Kaikoura), 1, Josh Thickpenny (Dunedin) 2, Ben Rees (Christchurch) 3.

Carpet One Women's: Brooke Money (Christchurch) 1, Lucy Hodgson (Kaikoura) 2, Tammi Martin (Christchurch) 3. Hydro Surf Junior Men's: Cody McCusker (Christchurch) 1, Max Cooke (Christchurch) 2, Hugh Ritchie (Christchurch) 3. Greymouth Seaside Top 10 Holiday Park Cadets: Max Marshall (Christchurch) 1, Nik Tuhikarama (Christchurch) 2, Brody Fitzgerald (Greymouth) 3. Westside Surf and Street Seniors: Josh Thickpenny (Dunedin) 1, Dave Melville (Kaikoura) 2, Micro Christenson (Christchurch) 3. Mike Greer Homes Masters: Alan Temoananui (Kaikoura) 1, Dave Lyons (Kaikoura) 2, Phil Harris (Greymouth) 3.

Oceana Gold Grandmasters: Phil Harris (Greymouth) 1, Steve Grant (Greymouth) 2, Dean Cooke (Christchurch) 3. Westside Surf and Street Longboard: Levi O'Connor (Kaikoura) 1, Nash Robertson (Kaikoura) 2, Hugh Ritchie (Christchurch) 3.

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