Skate event may be halted

16:00, Dec 24 2013

A new event for Kaikoura was almost halted in its tracks at the Kaikoura District Council meeting last Wednesday, despite continued calls for more events in the district.

The Gravity Sport skate event will be allowed to go ahead at Ocean Ridge on January 18 and 19 provided a road closure application is successful.

A handful of ratepayers living at Ocean Ridge have been lobbying councillors about stopping the event because it would mean increased coverage, possibly on social networking sites, showing that the roads in the subdivision are good for skating.

The previous council had already agreed to close the road and the next step was to review submissions received on the application. Only two submissions had been received by the council meeting on Wednesday.

Council chief executive Stuart Grant reminded councillors that they could make a judgment on only the road closure, not on the merits of skateboarding.

But councillor Tony Blunt believed the issue was bigger than just the one event. He had been told by residents of Ocean Ridge that there had been a group of "skaties" based at the top of the hill after a previous event. It had taken several months to finally move them on, he said.

Councillor Geoff Harmon said he had also been approached by disgruntled residents.

They had told him the skaters roared down the roads, peering into windows.

However, the event may give Ocean Ridge residents a spot of peace because anyone found practising on the streets in the subdivision before the event will be disqualified.


Kaikoura Star